Mobile App for Math lovers and haters

Who among you really love Math? I love it too. Who among you hate it? Do you want to learn Math while being entertained? 

Many see Math as a difficult and frustrating subject in school. We all have our strengths and weaknesses in different areas of our life. So as an independent mobile app developer, I see this as an opportunity to help you win over fear of Math particularly in arithmetic. And for those who love it, this app will test your skills how well you are in solving Math expressions.

I introduce to you my very first educational mobile app on market, Crave for Math. It is a flashcard inspired app which focuses on 4 basic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The mechanics of the game is just simple. You will just have to solve each expression flashed in a card as many as you can and as fast as possible.

It has 2 game modes: Single Player and Play with Friends.

Before starting the game, you will configure first the difficulty level, operation(s) to be used (you can select multiple operations), number of cards, and time in minutes. In choosing operation(s) to be used, the selected one(s) will be highlighted with black outline, as shown below. We selected addition and subtraction.

Once done, you can now start playing. As I said, our aim here is simple, try to solve as many as you can and as fast as possible. If you are having difficulty in Math but you want to learn solving expressions mentally, you can start with an Easy level. But if you love Math so much and have passion with it, you can try Hard level.

For operations like multiplication and division, I suggest you may use pen and paper in solving if you want especially in Medium and Hard because it involves 2 to 3-digit numbers. But if you are a Math wizard, then it’s ok to solve them mentally. 🙂

Answer each expression by tapping the digits on the number pad. Tap Enter if you are sure with your answer. You can also delete your answer by tapping on the Del button if you want to change it.

Once the game is done by either solving all cards or the time is up, you can see your score and the time left. You can also review your answers and compare each mistake with the correct one. The items in green are your correct answers and the items in red are your mistakes.

In Play with Friends (multiplayer mode), you can invite your friends who also have smartphones to play with you. There are 2 types of players here: 1 player who will host a game and a maximum of 4 players who will join the game. This can be played even without internet because it just uses wifi and a hotspot of your phone. 

You will have to setup your desired avatar and your username. By changing an avatar, tap on it to show the dialog box with list of avatars you can choose from.

Then choose your avatar by tapping on it.

You will have to decide who among you will host a game. By tapping the Host a Game button, that player’s device will automatically open its wifi hotspot. For those who will join the game by tapping the Join Game button, their devices will open their wifi automatically to search for nearby hotspot(s) (the one who will host a game). When the host’s avatar appears, tap on it to join. Wait for it to be connected.

For the player who hosts a game, he/she will wait for the players to join his/her game. If at least 1 player joins him/her, the game is ready to begin.

Tap the Begin button to proceed to the next screen. Before playing, the host player will configure first the game by choosing the difficulty level, operation(s) that he/she wants to be solved, the number of cards, and the timer. 

You are now ready to play with your friends and see who can solve the fastest and the highest number of cards in a given time. You can also monitor your opponents’ score during the game that can be seen on the left side of the flashcard. The player who has the highest score will win the game. In case there is a tie, the one who solves the last equation in the shortest time will be considered the winner.

So what do you think guys? Isn’t it fun to learn Math (arithmetic)?

If you want to try this app with you and your friends, you may download Crave for Math on Google Play: I apologize for those iPhone owners because it is currently available in Android phones only. 😦 But I’m planning to make it also available for iPhones in the future once this will become successful. 🙂
I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. I want to hear from you if you have any suggestions or questions about my app and I will try to answer them as much as I can. 

By the way, here’s the demo video on how to play multiplayer mode of Crave for Math.

If you already played Crave for Math, don’t forget to rate it on Google Play by tapping the yellow star icon on the bottom right part that can be seen at the end of the game.

This will help us improve this app in the future so that you will experience better use of it. 🙂